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January 31, 2024
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Opus Clip: The Secret Weapon for Content Creators to Go Viral!

Transform long videos into viral clips effortlessly with Opus Clip AI Video! Experience advanced AI Curation, Virality Score™, and easy editing for captivating content.

Opus Clip: The Secret Weapon for Content Creators to Go Viral!

Use Opus Clip AI Video: Make Your Videos Go Viral with Opus Clip's AI powered AI Long Video Feature

Are you struggling to create engaging short videos from your long-form content? I've been in that boat too, and after thorough research, I found a revolutionary tool called Opus Clip. This AI-powered software can help transform lengthy videos into captivating viral clips in no time. Let's dive in and discover how Opus Clip is changing the game for video content creators everywhere!

Key Takeaways

  • Opus Clip is a tool that uses smart AI to turn long videos into short viral clips.
  • The software picks out the most exciting parts of your video, making it easier for anyone to create engaging content.
  • With features like AI Curation and Virality Score™, you have more chances of your video going viral.
  • Opus Clip offers different price plans and even a free trial, so everyone can try it out.
Revolutionize Video Editing with Opus Clip: AI-Powered Transformation from Long to Viral Short Clips

Brief overview of Opus Clip as an AI-powered video repurposing tool.

Opus Clip is a tool that uses smart AI power to help make short viral videos from your long ones. It picks the best parts of your video and puts them together in a great way. This helps you put out more fun content without losing hours on cutting and pasting yourself.

Plus, Opus Clip allows anyone to make awesome shorts no matter how much they know about video editing before.

Next up, we'll talk about how you can use Opus Clip to create these cool short clips. You will see just how simple it is!

How to Use Opus Clip for Video Content Creation

Opus Clip simplifies the process of creating viral short videos from longer content. Begin by uploading your long video, then let Opus Clip's AI identify the most compelling parts.

Next, select a specific timeframe to clip or let the AI choose for you based on engagement potential. You can even customize your clips with branding elements and advanced editing features like caption animation and trim & extend options.

With just these simple steps, you're on your way to creating engaging videos ready to go viral! Try it out yourself - get a free trial now

A step-by-step guide on creating viral clips from long videos.

Let's walk through how to make viral short videos with Opus Clip. The steps are simple and easy.

  1. First, I open the Opus Clip tool on my computer.
  2. I choose a long video from my files.
  3. Next, I upload it to Opus Clip.
  4. The AI takes over from here.
  5. It looks at the video and picks out fun parts.
  6. These parts are good for making viral shorts.
  7. After that, I select the clips I like best from the list.
  8. Then it is time to edit!
  9. Opus Clip lets me add cool text or emojis to my short clips.
  10. Once I am done editing, I hit save.
  11. My new viral short video is ready!
  12. Finally, it's time to share on social media sites such as TikTok or YouTube Shorts.

Who Should Use Opus Clip?

Maximize Your Video's Viral Potential: Explore Opus Clip's AI Curation and Virality Score™ Features

Opus Clip is ideal for content creators, social media managers, marketers, and anyone looking to transform long video content into engaging and viral short clips. With its AI-powered features, it also immensely benefits people with no professional editing experience but want to step up their game in video content creation.

Whether you're a YouTuber aiming for more subscribers or a business owner trying to boost your brand's online presence, Opus Clip is the efficient tool you need.

Why Opus Clip is the best Video RePurposing Software For 2024

1. Opus Clip is a generative AI video repurposing tool that can turn long videos into viral short videos.

2. The tool uses advanced AI to analyze and select the most engaging parts of a video.

3. Opus Clip aims to make it easier for creators to reach new audiences by leveraging short-form content.

4. The AI video editor 2.0 of Opus Clip has been launched amidst rapid growth.

5. With Opus Clip, users can effortlessly repurpose their long videos into professional short clips.

6. The tool helps create viral content, saving time and effort for creators.

7. Opus Clip enables users to maximize their video content's potential by creating engaging and shareable clips.

8. The AI-powered video repurposing tool allows users to share their viral clips on platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels.

9. Opus Clip offers a way to increase social media reach by converting long videos into high-quality viral clips.

10. Creators can activate their audiences and boost viewer engagement with Opus Clip's features.

Target audience and ideal users of Opus Clip.

Opus Clip is for all who want to make the most of their video content. Content creators, social media managers, and anyone wanting to get more from their videos will find it helpful.

If you love making YouTube Shorts and want to grow your audience fast, Opus Clip will be your best friend.

This tool goes well with quick-paced social media trends. It fits if you're busy but still want high-quality clips. Schools can also use it for online learning videos. Up next, we'll dive into the AI-powered features that make Opus Clip stand out!

Opus Clip's Easy-to-Use Interface: Simplifying Viral Video Creation for Content Creators and Marketers

AI-Powered Features of Opus Clip

Opus Clip introduces innovative AI-powered features including ClipGenius™ for curation, a unique Virality Score™ to gauge potential impact, an AI Co-Pilot for guided editing, and more.

Intrigued? Discover how these powerful tools can help transform your video content in the sections below!

AI Curation (ClipGenius™)

Opus Clip uses AI Curation, also known as ClipGenius™. It is a smart tool that finds the best parts of your long videos. It studies each piece of your video deeply.

ClipGenius™ is an expert at picking out fun and exciting bits from thousands of viral videos to use in yours. This helps you get more views and likes on your clips. With Opus Clip, it's easy to make cool short videos that people will love.

AI Virality Score™

Opus Clip gives a special score to each short clip. This is called the AI Virality Score™. It shows if a video can become very popular or "go viral". The tool looks at thousands of videos that have gone viral in the past to give this score.

So, you know just how good your video may do before you even share it! With this feature, I can make better choices on what videos to use and boost my chances of going viral.

AI Co-Pilot

Opus Clip's AI Co-Pilot is a big help in video editing. This feature finds the best parts of your videos. It uses GPT-4, a powerful AI tool, to do this. By picking out these parts, it makes short clips from long videos.

The goal is to get the most shares and likes on social media. With Opus Clip's AI Co-Pilot, making viral short videos is much easier!

Active Speaker Detection

Opus Clip has a smart tool called Active Speaker Detection. This tool puts focus on the person who is talking in your video. It helps make your clips more lively and fun to watch. You can use it to draw viewers in and hold their interest longer.

With this tool, you can turn long videos into short viral ones ten times faster!

AI Dynamic Layout

Opus Clip uses a smart tool called AI Dynamic Layout. This tool can make your long videos into short ones that people want to watch. It picks the best parts of your video and puts them in a new order.

The result is an exciting short video made from your longer one.

This works because Opus Clip uses AI, or artificial intelligence. The AI looks at each part of your video. It spots the bits that are most fun to watch. Then it uses these bits to build a new, shorter video layout for you.

You don't have to do much work at all! Just pick a long video and let Opus Clip's AI Dynamic Layout do the rest!

Try it now! Click this link for a free trial of Opus Clip today.

AI B-roll (Beta)

Opus Clip makes video editing easy with the AI B-roll feature. This is one cool part of Opus Clip. This tool checks thousands of videos that went viral. It uses this data to score your short clips.

The higher the score, the better chance your clip has to go viral! You don't have to guess what parts of your long videos will be a hit anymore. Opus Clip's AI B-roll does all that work for you and helps in making short, engaging clips from long videos.

AI-Powered Video Repurposing: How Opus Clip Can Elevate Your Social Media Strategy

AI Emoji & Keyword

Opus Clip makes your videos fun. It uses the AI Emoji & Keyword feature. This tool finds good parts in your video and adds emojis that fit well. It uses an AI Keyword Highlighter too.

The highlighter points out vital words in your spoken content. These words help people see what your video is about fast. This makes it easy for them to decide if they want to watch or not.

Opus Clip Pricing and Availability

Opus Clip offers a range of pricing plans to cater to everyone's needs, from dabblers to professional video makers. Whether you're an individual content creator or a big business, there's an option for you.

Check their website for the most up-to-date prices and any promotional deals. A free trial is available if you prefer trying before buying! It’s readily accessible online - all geared towards making your video repurposing process seamless and efficient.

Details on pricing, free trial options, and availability.

Opus Clip offers a variety of pricing options and a free trial for new users. This ensures that whether you're a casual user or a professional content creator, there's a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Plan Price Upload Minutes Clips Free Trial
Free $0 USD 90 minutes 30 clips Available
Casual $19 USD 200 minutes 80 HD clips (monthly expiring credits) Available
Essential (Monthly) Varies Varies Unlimited clips N/A
Essential (Yearly) Varies Varies Unlimited clips N/A

As a new user, you're allowed to upload your first 120 minutes of videos for free. This lets you experience firsthand how Opus Clip can transform your video content creation process. You can find these options and more on the Opus Clip website, ready for immediate use.

Success Stories and Testimonials

In this section, we delve into real-life experiences of users who have successfully utilized Opus Clip to enhance their video content. We highlight the impressive outcomes and transformative potential of using this AI-powered platform - from increasing social media engagement, boosting viewership numbers, to achieving viral success.

These testimonials present valuable insights into how effectively Opus Clip translates a lengthy video into attention-grabbing short clips that resonate with audiences everywhere.

Highlighting user experiences and success metrics.

Users love Opus Clip. They say it helps them make short videos that go viral. One user even said her reach and engagement shot up after using our tool! Others have praised how easy it is to add captions with just one click.

And our AI technology doesn't just impress users - it delivers results, too!

Many people report successful outcomes with Opus Clip. Our AI tech finds the most exciting parts of your videos for you. It makes your long videos into catchy short ones that people can't stop watching! With Opus Clip, you don't just get a tool; you get success in video editing.

Try Opus Clip for free today.

Alternatives to Opus Clip

While Opus Clip stands out with its unique AI-powered features, there are other video editing tools in the market. Discover how they compare and why Opus Clip might still be your best choice in our detailed comparison.

To find out more, keep reading!

Exploring other tools and software for video shortening.

While Opus Clip is an incredibly versatile tool for video shortening, there are also other notable tools in the market that offer similar services.

Software Description Unique Feature
Submagic Submagic is an AI tool designed specifically for adding dynamic captions to short-form videos. Its unique feature is its focus on accessibility, making video content more engaging and accessible to people with hearing impairments or language barriers. Dynamic Caption Addition is an online video editing tool that enables creators to center their videos around the most important points, creating concise and powerful videos. Its unique autopilot feature can help in creating impactful short videos, snippets, and reels in no time. Autopilot Video Editing
GlossAI GlossAI is another online video editing tool designed for social media marketers and content creators. It’s known for its automatic video remixing capability, which can transform a single video into multiple short formats suitable for different social media platforms. Automatic Video Remixing
VidyoAI VidyoAI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to convert larger YouTube videos into multiple shorter videos by rearranging frames. It offers a unique feature of frame rearrangement, enabling the creation of many short videos from a long video. Frame Rearrangement

Each of these tools has its unique strengths, and depending on your specific needs and preferences, you may find one of them to be a better fit for your video content creation process.

Benefits of Using AI for Video Editing

AI simplifies the video editing process. It saves you time by automating tasks like trimming and cropping. You get creative with AI-assisted effects, transitions, and filters. Plus, artificial intelligence helps predict what will resonate with your audience, increasing engagement and views on your videos.

Discussing how AI technology enhances video editing efficiency and creativity.

AI technology makes video editing quicker and easier. It looks at the video content and picks out useful stuff like faces, things, feelings, scenes, and key words. This helps to make videos better.

AI technology can also do the hard work of editing for you. This saves a lot of time that would be spent on boring tasks like cutting and pasting.

This kind of tech is changing how we edit videos for social media too. There are lots of benefits to using AI in content creation, such as speeding up the process and improving quality.

Advanced tools like Opus Clip have really helped teams get better at editing videos quickly and effectively.

Customization and Branding with Opus Clip

With Opus Clip, you can easily customize your videos to reflect your brand's unique style. From adding logos and watermarks to using specific color schemes and fonts, Opus Clip gives you the tools you need to make sure each video is on-brand.

This feature not only enhances visual consistency but also aids in brand recognition among viewers. Experience how simple it is to create a personalized template that you can apply across all your future creations with just one click!

How users can create brand-specific templates and styles.

Opus Clip lets you make your own brand templates and styles for videos. You pick colors, fonts, and logo position that match your brand. Then Opus Clip uses these details for all your videos.

You can make up to five different templates. This way, each video carries the look of your brand but still has a fresh style.

Opus Clip's Impact on Social Media Reach

Opus Clip can supercharge your social media presence by enabling you to create viral short videos, significantly boosting views and subscriber count. Dive deeper into this blog post to discover how Opus Clip can revolutionize your digital reach!

Analyzing how Opus Clip helps in increasing views, subscribers, and overall social media presence.

Opus Clip works hard to make your videos famous. It uses big data to see what's trendy and wanted on social media. The tool then grabs the best parts of your long video. This way, it makes them into short clips that people will want to watch.

This smart tool boosts the odds of people seeing and sharing your clips. If a lot more people see your videos, you might get more followers or likes too! You can then use these wins to grow online.

Over time, Opus Clip helps make your social media bigger and better in every way.

Advanced Editing Features

With Opus Clip, you have a host of advanced editing features at your disposal. From caption animation and video resizing to autopost and scheduling capabilities - Opus makes editing efficient.

It even allows for trimming, extending clips and removing filler words for seamless content flow in every clip.

Caption animation, video resizing, autopost & scheduler, trim & extend clips, filler word removal, and more.

Opus Clip gives you many ways to edit videos. Here are some key features:

  1. Caption animation adds fun text to your clips.
  2. Use video resizing to get the right size for all screens.
  3. The autopost and scheduler tools post clips for you when it's the best time.
  4. Trim & extend clips lets you pick what parts you want to show.
  5. Filler word removal cuts out "ums" and "uhs" with just one click.

Alternatives to Opus Clip on

Flex Clip

Flex Clip is a powerful online video editing tool that enables users to create stunning videos with ease. Its user-friendly interface and extensive features make it a great alternative for those looking for an accessible yet robust video editing solution.

Discover Flex Clip


Klap is an AI-powered tool designed to transform YouTube videos into short clips with just a click. It's an ideal choice for content creators, social media marketers, and influencers looking to quickly repurpose their video content.

Learn More About Klap

Sub Magic

Sub Magic enhances viewer engagement by generating dynamic captions, emojis, and keyword highlights. This AI-powered tool is perfect for those looking to add an extra layer of interactivity to their videos.

Check Out Sub Magic


HitPaw offers AI-driven multimedia tools that elevate content creation. With features like video editing and voice alteration, it represents the future of multimedia content creation.

Explore HitPaw


GigaPixel specializes in elevating images to ultra-high resolutions without losing quality. This tool leverages the power of AI in image upscaling, making it a great choice for high-quality visual content.

Discover GigaPixel

Denoise AI

Denoise AI is focused on photography, offering unparalleled noise reduction without sacrificing details. It's an excellent tool for photographers looking to bring clarity to their images.

Learn About Denoise AI

Video AI Topaz

Video AI Topaz enhances video content with AI-powered upscaling, noise reduction, and sharpening. This tool is ideal for those aiming to achieve cinematic quality in their video projects.

Check Out Video AI Topaz


Wisecut transforms the video editing process with its AI-powered online software. It simplifies editing into a few clicks, offering a smart and effortless video editing experience.

Explore Wisecut


Munch is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to repurpose content for increased engagement and reach. It's a great option for those looking to maximize the impact of their existing content.

Discover Munch


Cohesive is an AI-powered editor that streamlines content creation. It enhances SEO and boosts digital presence, making it a valuable tool for digital marketers and content creators.

Learn More About Cohesive


Dumme revolutionizes video and podcast editing with AI. It turns long-form content into engaging, optimized short clips, ideal for those looking to diversify their content formats.

Check Out Dumme

Scribewave AI

Scribewave AI offers 99% accurate transcriptions, captions, and subtitles in over 90 languages. This tool is perfect for those requiring multilingual support in their video content.

Explore Scribewave AI

Screen Story

Screen Story is the best MacOS tool for high-quality screen recording and automated editing. It's a great choice for those looking to create professional-grade video content with ease.

Discover Screen Story


Shuffll is an AI-powered video production platform that enables the creation of high-quality, personalized videos. It's an excellent tool for businesses looking to enhance their visual content.

Learn About Shuffll represents the future of AI-powered video creation. It's a transformative tool for those looking to leverage AI in their video content strategy.

Check Out

Create Engaging Short Videos with Opus Clip: A Step-By-Step Guide to Going Viral

Multi-Language Support

Opus Clip isn't restricted by language barriers, offering support for numerous languages. This means no matter where you're located or which language your content is in, you can readily use Opus Clip to create viral short videos.

It's a tool designed with a global user base in mind, highlighting its commitment to inclusivity and broad reach.

Discussing the languages supported by Opus Clip and its benefits for global users.

Opus Clip lets you make videos in different languages. Right now, it works with German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. This is a big deal for people all around the world! It's simple to use and allows you to create fun short videos in your own language.

This feature also makes Opus Clip better in the future. The team that made this tool plans to add even more languages soon. No matter where you live or what language you speak, Opus Clip can help turn your long videos into viral clips.

Collaboration and Team Accounts

With Opus Clip, team collaboration on video projects is seamless and efficient; find out how this platform can streamline your workflow.

How teams can collaborate using Opus Clip for a streamlined workflow.

Opus Clip makes team work easy. You can share your work with others in a few clicks. Bosses, workers, and clients can come together to make great videos. They can pick the best parts of a video and put them together fast.

This means less time waiting and more time making great content! It's real simple - you invite your mates to join on Opus Clip. Then you all get to work on the same project at once.

No need for everyone to be in the same place or use hard drives for sharing big files!


In the dynamic digital world, maximizing your video content's potential is achievable with Opus Clip, as it leverages advanced AI technology to create engaging and viral short videos from long ones effortlessly.

Summarizing the Capabilities and Advantages of Opus Clip.

Opus Clip is a powerful tool. It uses smart AI to turn long videos into short, viral clips. This saves you time and effort. With just one click, it takes any lengthy video and makes a bite-sized short.

This special tool has many features that help make your video popular. It picks the best parts of your video using AI-Curation. This upside can pump up the views on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Opus Clip gives you high-quality edits in quick time without stress.

Opus Clip's Multilingual Support: Breaking Language Barriers in Viral Video Creation

How does Opus Clip Work and FAQs like Opus Clip

What is Opus Clip?

Opus Clip is an AI-powered video repurposing tool used to create short videos from long ones for purposes like YouTube shorts.

How does Opus Clip help you make short videos?

Using the power of generative AI, Opus.CLIP rearranges different parts of your video into cohesive short clips. It makes video editing easy and quick.

Can I use Opus Clips for free?

Yes, there are some alternatives to using opus clip that offer similar services without any charge.

Is it hard to use the Ai Video Clipping Tool in Opus Clip?

No, it's very easy! Just feed in a long video and the Ai will convert it into a viral short video.

What can an AI generated movie do with my pictures?

The Best Text-to-Video Ai – A.I Movie Maker can turn images into a dynamic video or even generate stock videos based on them using generative ai technology.

Can I edit my own YouTube videos online using this AI tool?

Absolutely! The online moviemaker - opus.clip offers features like youtube clip creator and editor which allows you not just to edit but also create videos.

How do you make an Opus Clip?

Opus Clip is designed to turn long videos into high-quality viral clips efficiently. The process involves uploading your long video to the Opus Clip platform. The AI-powered tools then analyze the video to identify compelling hooks and extract relevant highlights from different parts of the video. These highlights are rearranged into cohesive viral short videos. The platform offers features like AI Curation (ClipGenius™), AI Virality Score™, and Active Speaker Detection to enhance the quality and appeal of the clips.

Do you have to pay for Opus Clip?

Opus Clip offers a free version that allows users to create clips without any cost. However, for access to more advanced features and higher usage limits, there might be paid plans available. The website suggests that users can post one clip every day for free.

Is there a free version of Opus Clip?

Yes, there is a free version of Opus Clip. Users can get free clips every month without the need for a credit card. This free version is likely to have some limitations compared to the full, paid version.

What does Opus Pro do?

Opus Pro, through its product Opus Clip, specializes in repurposing long talking videos into short, viral clips suitable for platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. It uses AI tools to enhance the video editing process, making it faster and more efficient, and increasing the potential for social media reach.

How does Opus Clip work?

Opus Clip works by using AI to analyze long videos and extract the most engaging parts to create short, viral clips. It uses various AI tools like AI Curation, AI Virality Score™, and Active Speaker Detection to ensure the clips are engaging and have a high potential for virality.

How does Opus aid in event promotion across social media platforms?

Opus Clip aids in event promotion by creating engaging short clips from longer event videos. These clips can be easily shared on social media platforms, helping to increase views, engagement, and reach. The AI tools ensure that the most engaging parts of the event are highlighted, making the content more shareable and appealing to the audience.

Who Should Use Opus Clip?

Opus Clip is ideal for content creators, marketers, social media influencers, and businesses looking to enhance their online presence and engagement. It's particularly useful for those who want to leverage the power of short-form video content on platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

Would you recommend Opus Clip?

Based on the features and capabilities of Opus Clip, it seems highly recommendable for anyone looking to efficiently create engaging, viral short-form content from longer videos. Its AI-driven tools can significantly enhance the quality and appeal of clips, making it a valuable tool for content creators and marketers aiming to increase their social media reach and engagement.

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