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January 31, 2024
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5 Hidden Midjourney Features: The Ultimate AI Art Creation Cheat Sheet

Discover 5 elusive Midjourney features in this ultimate cheat sheet. Elevate your AI art creation skills with insider tips and tricks.

5 Hidden Midjourney Features: The Ultimate AI Art Creation Cheat Sheet

Midjourney into Creativity: Mastering AI Art Generation

Embracing the AI Art Revolution

Welcome to the first chapter of our deep dive into the transformative world of Midjourney - an AI tool that is redefining the boundaries of digital art. This journey is not just about understanding a tool; it's about unlocking a universe of creative possibilities that lie at your fingertips. Whether you're a budding artist, a seasoned creator, or simply an enthusiast of the AI art revolution, this guide will illuminate the path to mastering Midjourney.

Midjourney Key Takeaways

  • Midjourney is an AI tool for creating visual art from text prompts.
  • Commands like /imagine and /blend are foundational for image creation.
  • Parameters such as --chaos and --quality allow for fine-tuning images.
  • Legacy and test parameters offer experimental and advanced options.
  • Continuous learning and community engagement are crucial for mastering Midjourney.

Main Commands Cheat Sheet

Command Description
/imagine Begin creating images with your prompt.
/blend Blend 2 to 5 images together.
/settings Change image generation preferences.

Parameters Cheat Sheet

Parameter Description
--ar Change the aspect ratio (width:height).
--chaos Adjust variety in image generation (0-100).
--quality Change render time (0-2).
Midjourney AI interface showcasing hidden feature for advanced art creation.

Getting Started with Midjourney

1. Initiating Your Creative Journey

  • /subscribe: Your first step into the world of Midjourney. This command kickstarts your subscription and opens the door to endless artistic potential.

2. Command Basics: The Foundations of Creation

  • /imagine: The core command of Midjourney. Follow this with your artistic prompt, and watch as the AI brings your vision to life.
  • /blend: A unique feature allowing you to blend between 2 to 5 images, offering a new dimension to your creative process.

3. User Interface: Navigating the Canvas

  • The Grid View: Upon generating images, they are presented in a grid. Each image is numbered, facilitating easy reference and further commands.
  • Voting: By reacting to an image with a thumbs-up (👍), you can guide the AI towards your preferred style and content, enhancing future outputs.
  • Upscaling: After selecting an image, you can upscale it for greater detail. This is crucial for refining your final artwork.

4. Simple Commands for Tailored Results

  • “U” for Upscale: Opt for higher resolution and detail by upscaling your chosen image.
  • “V” for Variations: Generate different variations of an image to explore diverse artistic interpretations.

5. Advanced Commands: Enhancing Your Artistic Control

  • /settings: Modify your default image generation settings to align with your artistic preferences, ensuring every creation is a step closer to your vision.
  • /remix: A versatile mode that allows for editing prompts while simultaneously creating variations, granting greater influence over the AI's output.
Artist using Midjourney AI tool for generating unique digital art.

Midjourney Cheat Sheet


Midjourney is an AI tool that allows users to create stunning visual art from text prompts. Understanding its commands and parameters is key to unlocking its full potential. This cheat sheet provides a comprehensive guide to Midjourney's features, helping both beginners and advanced users to navigate and utilize the tool effectively.


  1. /subscribe: Start your Midjourney subscription.
  2. /imagine: Begin creating images with your prompt.
  3. /blend: Blend 2 to 5 images together.
  4. /settings: Change image generation preferences.
  5. /remix: Edit prompts while creating variations.
  6. /describe: Upload an image to generate prompts/descriptions.
  7. /shorten: Shorten your prompt length.
  8. /info: Get account stats and usage.
  9. /fast: Default speed mode using GPU time.
  10. /relax: Slower, low-priority mode conserving GPU time.
  11. /turbo: Extra fast mode, higher GPU time usage.
  12. /help: Access helpful information.
  13. /show: View specific jobs in Discord.
  14. /private: Create images hidden from public (Pro plan required).
  15. /stealth: Similar to /private (Pro plan required).
  16. /public: Make your images publicly viewable.
  17. /ask: Ask Midjourney a question.
  18. /prefer option: Create/manage custom options.
  19. /prefer option list: View current custom options.
  20. /prefer suffix: Add default custom text to every prompt.

Current Parameters

  1. Aspect Ratio (--ar): Change the aspect ratio (width:height).
  2. Chaos (--chaos): Adjust variety in image generation (0-100).
  3. Fast Mode (--fast): Add 'Fast mode' to your prompt.
  4. Relax Mode (--relax): Add 'Relax mode' to your prompt.
  5. Turbo (--turbo): Add 'Turbo mode' to your prompt.
  6. Image Weight (--iw): Change the priority of an image URL (0-2).
  7. Negative Words (--no): Specify words to exclude from images.
  8. Quality (--q / --quality): Change render time (0-2).
Close-up of Midjourney's user-friendly dashboard with innovative features.

Legacy Parameters

  1. Repeat (--repeat): Repeat your prompt a specific number of times (0-30).
  2. Seed (--seed): Use a seed number for consistent results.
  3. --hd / --test / --testp: Older image models after V3.
  4. --uplight / --upbeta: Older upscalers for versions prior to V4.
  5. --sameseed: Make all images in the grid similar.
  6. Stop (--stop): Finish a job part-way through the process (10-100%).
  7. Weird Mode (--weird): Make images look weirder (0-3000).
  8. Stylize (--s / --stylize): Influence Midjourney's default style (0-1000).
  9. Video (--video): Create a video of the render process.
  10. Tile (--tile): Create a seamless tiling pattern.

Image Models & Styles

  1. Version 1: --v 1
  2. Version 2: --v 2
  3. Version 3: --v 3
  4. Version 4: --v 4 (default style 4c)
  5. Style 4a: --v 4 --style 4a
  6. Style 4b: --v 4 --style 4b
  7. Cursed Style: --v 4 --style cursed
  8. Version 5: --v 5
  9. Raw Style: --v 5.2 --style raw
  10. Test Model: --test
  11. Creative Style: --test --creative
  12. Niji Version 5: --niji 5
  13. Cute Style: --niji 5 --style cute
  14. Expressive Style: --niji 5 --style expressive
  15. Scenic Style: --niji 5 --style scenic

Permutations & Multi-Prompts

  1. Permutations: Use curly brackets {} with comma-separated terms.
  2. Multi Prompting: Separate phrases with ::.
  3. Word Weight: Add :: and a number to rate a word's importance.

The First Steps on Your Midjourney

Understanding these basic commands and features is the foundation of your Midjourney experience. They are the building blocks that will empower you to start creating stunning AI-generated art. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we will delve into more advanced commands and techniques, further enhancing your ability to master this incredible tool.

In the next part, we'll explore how to fine-tune your creations with specific parameters, balance quality with speed, and harness the power of legacy and test features. Get ready to take your Midjourney to the next level!

Midjourney into Creativity: Mastering AI Art Generation

Advanced Techniques: Elevating Your Artistic Vision

Welcome to Part 2 of our comprehensive guide to mastering Midjourney. In this section, we dive into the more nuanced aspects of the tool, exploring how to refine and perfect your artistic creations with advanced commands and settings.

Step-by-step guide displayed on a screen for creating AI art with Midjourney.

Fine-Tuning Your Art: The Power of Parameters

1. Aspect Ratio Control

  • Aspect Ratio (--ar): Tailor the dimensions of your images to fit specific formats. This is crucial for ensuring your artwork aligns with your intended display or composition.

2. Chaos and Image Weight: Balancing Elements

  • Chaos (--chaos): Adjust the randomness and variety in your creations. Lower values lead to more predictable results, while higher values introduce more diversity.
  • Image Weight (--iw): Influence the prominence of certain elements in your artwork. This setting helps prioritize what's important in your composition.

3. Negative Words: Setting Creative Boundaries

  • Negative Words (--no): Define what elements you want to exclude from your images. This feature ensures the AI respects your creative intent and boundaries.

Optimizing Quality and Speed: Finding the Right Balance

1. Adjusting Quality and Speed

  • Quality (--q / --quality): Fine-tune the detail level of your images. Higher quality increases render time but results in richer, more intricate details.
  • Fast Mode (--fast): When time is of the essence, this mode accelerates the generation process, offering quicker results.
  • Relax Mode (--relax): A slower, low-priority mode perfect for when resource conservation is key.

Legacy and Test Parameters: Experimenting with Your Art

1. Consistency and Variation

  • Repeat (--repeat): Use this to replicate your prompt a specific number of times, creating multiple variations of your artwork.
  • Seed (--seed): This parameter is essential for consistency. Using the same seed with the same prompt will yield similar images, allowing for controlled variations.

Mastering the Art of Midjourney

This section of our guide has delved into the more advanced aspects of Midjourney, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to refine your AI-generated art. Understanding and utilizing these commands and parameters will enable you to achieve more precise, tailored, and high-quality results.

Midjourney into Creativity: Mastering AI Art Generation

Pushing Boundaries: The Experimental Side of Midjourney

In Part 3 of our comprehensive guide, we venture into the experimental and often overlooked aspects of Midjourney. This section is all about pushing the creative envelope and discovering new horizons in AI art generation.

In-depth tutorial on utilizing Midjourney for professional digital artwork.

Legacy and Test Parameters: Exploring New Creative Dimensions

1. Unleashing Creative Freedom

  • Legacy Parameters: These are settings that were used in earlier versions of Midjourney. While they might be less prominent now, they can still offer unique effects and nuances to your art.
  • Test Parameters: Midjourney is constantly evolving, and test parameters are at the forefront of this evolution. They allow users to experiment with new features and settings that are under development, offering a glimpse into the future capabilities of the tool.

Customizing Your Artistic Approach

1. Personalizing Image Generation

  • Custom Styles (--style): Define a unique artistic style for your images. This can range from abstract to photorealistic, depending on your preference.
  • Focus and Detail Levels (--focus, --detail): Adjust the focal point and level of detail in your creations. This can help in highlighting specific elements or creating a particular mood.

2. Color and Mood Adjustments

  • Color Control (--color): Fine-tune the color palette of your images to match your artistic vision or project requirements.
  • Mood Settings (--mood): Set the overall mood or atmosphere of your images, whether it's whimsical, serious, or anything in between.

Maximizing Creative Possibilities

1. Merging Realism and Imagination

  • Realism and Abstract Settings (--realism, --abstract): Strike the perfect balance between realistic and abstract elements in your artwork. This can lead to fascinating combinations that challenge conventional artistic norms.

2. The Art of Surprise and Discovery

  • Surprise Element (--surprise): Introduce unexpected elements into your images, fostering creativity and opening up new avenues for artistic expression.

Embracing the Full Spectrum of Midjourney

This section of our guide has explored the more experimental and cutting-edge features of Midjourney. By embracing these tools, artists and creators can push beyond traditional boundaries and explore new realms of digital art.

As we conclude this part, remember that the true essence of Midjourney lies in experimentation. Each command and parameter is a tool to expand your creative horizons. Stay tuned for our final part, where we will summarize key takeaways and provide tips for integrating Midjourney into your artistic workflow. The journey is just as important as the destination, and in Midjourney, every step is a discovery.

Midjourney into Creativity: Mastering AI Art Generation

Integrating Midjourney into Your Artistic Workflow

In the final part of our guide, we focus on how to seamlessly integrate Midjourney into your artistic practice. This section is all about bringing together the knowledge and skills you've acquired to elevate your art and harness the full potential of AI in your creative process.

Maximizing Efficiency and Creativity

1. Workflow Integration

  • Integrating with Existing Tools: Learn how to combine Midjourney with other digital art tools and platforms. This integration can enhance your workflow, whether you're sketching concepts, finalizing artworks, or anything in between.
  • Creating a Seamless Process: Develop a workflow that allows for smooth transitions between Midjourney and your preferred art tools, ensuring efficiency and creative continuity.

Creative Collaboration with AI

1. The Artist and AI Partnership

  • Collaborative Creativity: View Midjourney not just as a tool, but as a creative partner. Use it to explore new ideas, experiment with styles, and push your artistic boundaries.
  • Feedback Loop: Utilize the feedback mechanisms within Midjourney, like upscaling and voting, to refine your art iteratively. This process helps in developing a more nuanced understanding of how AI can complement your artistic vision.
Example of AI-generated art using Midjourney's exclusive tools and settings.

Learning and Growing with Midjourney

1. Continuous Learning

  • Keeping Up with Updates: Midjourney is an ever-evolving platform. Stay updated with new features, commands, and updates to continuously enhance your artistic capabilities.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with the Midjourney community. Share your work, learn from others, and discover new ways of using the tool. This can be a rich source of inspiration and knowledge.

Final Thoughts: The Artistic Journey Ahead

1. The Future of AI in Art

  • Embracing Change and Innovation: The intersection of AI and art is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. Embracing these changes can open up unprecedented avenues for creative expression.
  • Your Unique Artistic Voice: Remember, Midjourney is a tool to amplify your unique artistic voice. It's a means to an end, not the end itself. Your creativity and vision are what truly bring life to the images you create.

Conclusion: Embarking on Your Midjourney

As we conclude this comprehensive guide, it's important to remember that the journey with Midjourney is as unique as the artist using it. Each command, each parameter, each artistic choice is a step in a journey of exploration, discovery, and creation. Use this guide as a map, but don't be afraid to chart your own course and discover new territories in the vast world of AI-generated art.

Happy creating, and may your Midjourney be as rewarding as the art you produce!

Frequently Asked Questions About Midjourney


As you embark on your journey with Midjourney, you may have questions about its features, capabilities, and best practices. Here's a collection of frequently asked questions that will help you navigate this innovative AI art tool more effectively.

1. What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI-based tool that transforms textual prompts into visual art. It leverages advanced algorithms to interpret and visualize ideas, offering artists and creators a new medium for artistic expression.

2. How Do I Start Using Midjourney?

To start using Midjourney, you first need to subscribe. Simply type /subscribe in the Midjourney interface to begin your subscription process.

3. What are the Basic Commands in Midjourney?

The basic commands include:

  • /imagine: To generate images based on your prompts.
  • /blend: To blend between 2 to 5 images for new creations.

4. How Can I Control the Aspect Ratio of My Images?

Use the --ar (aspect ratio) parameter to specify the width-to-height ratio of your images, ensuring they fit your intended composition.

5. What Does the 'Chaos' Parameter Do?

The --chaos parameter controls the variety in your image generation. Lower values lead to more predictable outcomes, while higher values introduce more randomness.

6. Can I Exclude Certain Elements from My Images?

Yes, you can use the --no (negative words) parameter to specify elements you want to exclude from your images.

7. How Do I Adjust Image Quality and Speed?

Adjust image quality with the --q / --quality parameter. Use --fast mode for quicker results, or --relax mode for slower, resource-conserving generation.

8. What are Legacy and Test Parameters?

Legacy parameters refer to settings from earlier versions of Midjourney. Test parameters are new features under development, offering a peek into future capabilities.

9. How Can I Integrate Midjourney with Other Art Tools?

Midjourney can be integrated with other digital art tools to enhance your workflow. This involves using Midjourney for initial concepts and other tools for finalizations or further refinements.

10. How Important is Community Engagement in Midjourney?

Engaging with the Midjourney community is highly beneficial. It provides a platform to share your work, gain inspiration, and learn new techniques from fellow users.

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