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January 31, 2024
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Framer & AI Builder: Unveiling Groundbreaking Design Features

Explore Framer's latest features and community updates. Unleash your creativity with enhanced design capabilities, code blocks, and more.

Framer & AI Builder: Unveiling Groundbreaking Design Features

Harnessing the Power of Framer: A Deep Dive into Its Latest Features and Community Updates

The Framer community is a vibrant ecosystem of designers, developers, and enthusiasts, all united by a shared passion for creating and learning. This post will take you through some of the recent happenings in the community, showcasing the spirit of innovation and collaboration that makes Framer such a unique platform.

Unleashing Creativity with the Animator Challenge

The Animator Challenge was a recent initiative that invited community members to explore the exciting possibilities of the animator component. Participants were encouraged to transform their icons into captivating animations and incorporate them into visually appealing designs. This challenge not only stimulated creativity but also allowed members to delve deeper into the functionalities of Framer, pushing the boundaries of what they could achieve with the platform. Ready to take on the challenge? Get started with Framer today!

A team collaborating on a project using Framer's Team Pro Plan with Project Permissions.

Celebrating Community Growth: 10,000 Members Strong

The Framer community recently hit a significant milestone, reaching a strength of 10,000 members. This achievement is a testament to the platform's growing popularity and the value it provides to its users. Since its inception four months ago, the community has been a hub for countless amazing templates, tutorials, challenges, and resources. The spirit of collaboration and mutual growth is palpable, with each member contributing to the community in their unique way. Want to be a part of this thriving community? Join Framer now!

A designer creating a vibrant gradient using Framer's enhanced design capabilities.

Introducing Team Pro Plan and Project Permissions

Framer's commitment to enhancing user experience and providing more control to its users is evident in their recent introduction of the Team Pro Plan and Project Permissions. As more teams choose Framer for building large sites, the need for more granular control has become apparent. The new plan allows users to set permissions for each team member in a project, ensuring a more organized workflow and preventing accidental changes. This update, along with an increased Page Search Limit in the Pro Site Plan, reflects Framer's continuous efforts to adapt and evolve according to the needs of its users. Interested in exploring these features?

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A developer using Framer's Code Blocks & Inline Code feature for efficient coding.

The Benefits of Having a Framer Account

Having a Framer account opens up a world of opportunities for designers and developers. Here are four key benefits:

  1. Access to a Wealth of Resources: Framer provides a plethora of resources, including templates, tutorials, and challenges, that can help you enhance your design skills and create stunning projects.
  2. Community Support: Being a part of the Framer community means you have access to a network of like-minded individuals who can provide support, feedback, and inspiration.
  3. Advanced Tools and Features: Framer offers a range of advanced tools and features, such as the animator component and project permissions, that can help streamline your workflow and enhance your designs.
  4. Continuous Learning and Growth: With Framer, learning never stops. The platform regularly introduces new features and updates, providing you with opportunities to continuously learn and grow.

The Framer community is more than just a platform; it's a space for learning, growing, and creating. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a newbie, there's always something to explore, learn, and contribute. So, why wait? Start your free trial and join the community today!

Exploring Framer's Latest Innovations: From Team Pro Plan to Fontshare Integration

Framer, a trailblazer in the design and prototyping realm, continues to impress with its innovative features and updates. Let's explore the recent offerings that make Framer an indispensable tool for designers and teams.

1. Team Pro Plan with Project Permissions

Framer's Team Pro Plan introduces granular access control to projects, ensuring that teams stay organized and prevent accidental changes. This feature is a game-changer for collaborative projects, providing the right balance between creativity and control.

2. Enhanced Design Capabilities with Multi-Stop Gradients, Conic Gradients, and More

Framer's update allows users to design Linear, Radial, and Conic gradients with infinite color stops. The redesigned Fill Picker and inline Gradient Editor offer a seamless design experience.

3. Code Blocks & Inline Code

Unlock the ability to document and present code in Framer. This feature is deeply integrated with the performance pipeline, providing a consistent editing experience.

A designer selecting a font from Fontshare within the Framer interface.

4. New Features for Navigations

Framer introduces three new features designed to improve navigations. These include viewport unit support, an upgraded Transition property, and support for Transitions to Link Styles.

5. Integration with Fontshare

Framer's integration with Fontshare provides access to a growing collection of beautiful, professional-grade fonts directly within Framer.

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