OpenAI to Remove Scarlett Johansson-like Voice from ChatGPT

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OpenAI to Remove Scarlett Johansson-like Voice from ChatGPT

In a surprising twist, OpenAI's cutting-edge chatbot, ChatGPT, is set to lose one of its voices following a wave of controversy. The voice, which bore an uncanny resemblance to Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson, sparked widespread comparisons to the AI system from the film "Her." Despite OpenAI's assurance that the similarity was unintended, the incident has ignited a debate about the ethical boundaries of AI technology and celebrity likenesses. As the tech world buzzes with reactions, OpenAI is taking swift action to address the concerns and refine its voice selection process.

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What were the advanced voice features demonstrated by OpenAI?The advanced voice features included more human-like conversational abilities, with the AI making flirty and casual remarks during the demonstration.

How did OpenAI respond to the criticism?OpenAI acknowledged the feedback and announced it would pause the "Sky" voice while reviewing its selection process to avoid future controversies.

Will the other voices in ChatGPT be affected?The article does not specify changes to the other voices. OpenAI's focus is currently on addressing the issues related to the "Sky" voice.

Why is OpenAI removing the "Sky" voice?OpenAI is removing the "Sky" voice due to its unintended resemblance to Scarlett Johansson, which led to controversy and criticism.

How were the voices for ChatGPT selected?Voices were chosen through a five-month process involving professional voice actors, talent agencies, and industry experts, aiming for multilingual, approachable, and charismatic characteristics.

What was the public reaction to the "Sky" voice?Reactions were mixed, with some praising its conversational ability while others criticized it for being overly flirty and reinforcing gender stereotypes.

What will happen to the advanced voice features?The advanced voice features demonstrated will soon be available to ChatGPT subscribers, offering faster responses and priority access to new functionalities.

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