AI Outperforms Humans in Detecting AI-Generated Texts

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AI Outperforms Humans in Detecting AI-Generated Texts, Study Finds

Beijing, China - A groundbreaking study published in the International Journal for Educational Integrity has revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) can outperform humans in detecting AI-generated academic texts. The research, conducted by a team of Chinese scientists, compared the efficacy of AI-based content detectors and human reviewers in identifying AI-generated rehabilitation-related articles.

Study Highlights AI's Accuracy

The study utilized 50 peer-reviewed rehabilitation papers, generating artificial versions using ChatGPT-3.5. These were then rephrased with Wordtune to increase authenticity. Six AI detectors were tested: GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Content at Scale, GPT-2 Output Detector,, and Turnitin.

Among these tools, emerged as the leader, detecting 100% of both original and rephrased AI-generated articles. ZeroGPT also performed well, with a 96% accuracy rate for original articles. The GPT-2 Output Detector followed closely with a 96% accuracy rate, while Turnitin showed a 94% accuracy for original articles but dropped to 30% for rephrased ones. GPTZero and Content at Scale had lower accuracies, with the latter misclassifying 28% of original articles.

Creative Applications of AI

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Human Reviewers Lag Behind AI

Human reviewers were not as consistent. The study involved two groups: professorial reviewers and college student reviewers. Professors achieved a 96% accuracy rate in identifying AI-rephrased articles but incorrectly classified 12% of human-written articles. Student reviewers had a lower accuracy rate of 76% for AI-rephrased articles.

Reviewers identified AI-generated content based on several factors:

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Implications for Academic Integrity

This study underscores the potential of AI tools, particularly, in maintaining academic integrity by effectively identifying AI-generated content. It also highlights the need for ongoing improvements in AI detection capabilities and stricter regulations on AI use in academic writing.

Limitations and Future Research

Despite its promising results, the study has limitations. It used an older version of ChatGPT (3.5), involved a small number of reviewers, and potentially included AI-assisted original papers. Further research with a larger sample size and more recent AI models is necessary to generalize the findings across various fields.


The findings suggest that while human reviewers, especially experienced ones, remain crucial, AI detectors like offer a robust initial screening tool for identifying AI-generated texts. As AI technology continues to evolve, so must our methods for ensuring the integrity and reliability of academic publications.

For more detailed insights, refer to the study: "The great detectives: humans versus AI detectors in catching large language model-generated medical writing" by Liu, J.Q.J. et al., in the International Journal for Educational Integrity.

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