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January 31, 2024
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Bing AI: The Future of Intelligent Search | Your Ultimate Guide

Discover how AI-powered search engines like Bing AI revolutionize web browsing & boost productivity. Learn about Bing AI's features, availability, and more!

Bing AI: The Future of Intelligent Search | Your Ultimate Guide

Bing Chat's Game-Changing Update: A Visual & Interactive Revolution in Web Search

Discover how the latest Bing Chat update revolutionizes web search with new features like Multimodal Support, Bing Action, and third-party plug-ins. Experience the future of AI-powered search today!

New Features and Benefits of Bing Chat Update

Microsoft has announced a major update for Bing Chat, introducing exciting new features that will enhance user experience and productivity:

Multimodal Support

Image and video search results will now appear directly in Bing Chat, with updated formatting and charts and graphs to make the information more accessible. Dive deeper into our article on 10 Game-Changing AI Art & Text Generators You Must Try in 2023 for more insights on cutting-edge visual content tools.

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Bing Action

Bing Action allows users to complete tasks without having to navigate between websites. For example, if you want to watch a movie, Action in Edge will find and show you options in the chat and then play the movie you want. To learn more about how AI is transforming video content, check out our Top 6 AI Video Generators Revolutionizing Content Creation in 2023.

Chat History

Chat History enables users to record conversations with chatbots across devices and use Bing as a research tool. Users will also be able to export and share chatbot conversations. For more tips on using AI chatbots effectively, explore our Top 30 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts to Boost Skills.

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Persistent Chat

Microsoft is also experimenting with personalizing chat sessions, including adding previous history to new conversations. To enhance your writing skills with AI, don't miss our ChatGPT Email Writing Master guide.


Similar to ChatGPT, Microsoft is opening up the Bing chatbot to third-party developers using plug-ins. For example, if you are researching the latest restaurant for dinner in Bing Chat, it will leverage OpenTable to help you find and book a reservation. Discover more amazing AI tools for copywriting in our article on The 10 AI Tools Reinventing Copywriting.

Use Cases for Bing Chat Update

The new Bing Chat update offers a range of use cases, including:

  1. Researching and booking travel accommodations, flights, and restaurants.
  2. Finding and playing multimedia content directly from chat.
  3. Exporting and sharing chatbot conversations for personal or professional use.
  4. Personalized chat sessions with added context from previous interactions.

For more ways to optimize your content with AI, explore our 5 Best AI Social Media Tools.

What Problem Does Bing Chat Solve?

The Bing Chat update aims to address the universal problem of nearly half of all web searches going unanswered, leaving billions of people without the information they need. By utilizing large language models like OpenAI's GPT-4 and combining them with a vast search index, Bing Chat provides up-to-date, cited, and conversational search results, all while being easy to use with natural language.


If you haven’t tried the new Bing Chat and Edge yet, now is the time to experience firsthand how they're

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Is Bing AI search available now?

Yes, Bing AI search is available now. It's in Open Preview, which means you can access it without any waitlist. To try the new Bing and its AI capabilities, sign in with your Microsoft Account.

How do I access Bing AI?

To access Bing AI, sign in to Bing using your Microsoft Account. Once signed in, you can experience Bing's AI-powered search and chat features.

Does Microsoft Bing search engine have AI?

Yes, Microsoft Bing search engine incorporates AI. The new Bing utilizes large language models like OpenAI's GPT-4, combined with an extensive search index to provide up-to-date, cited, and conversational search results.

What is Bing AI search?

Bing AI search is Microsoft's latest update to the Bing search engine, integrating AI technology to provide more accurate and engaging search results. It offers features like Multimodal Support, Bing Action, and Chat History, revolutionizing web search and enhancing user experiences.

Is Bing AI released?

Yes, Bing AI has been released and is currently in Open Preview. This means that there's no waitlist, and you can access Bing AI by signing in with your Microsoft Account.

Is Bing AI free to use?

Bing AI is free to use. However, specific features or services integrated within Bing AI (like third-party plug-ins) might have their own pricing or subscription models.

Is Bing blocked in China?

Yes, Bing is blocked in China due to the country's strict internet censorship policies.

Is GPT-4 available on Bing?

Bing uses AI technology similar to GPT-4, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly search experience. Microsoft has integrated large language models like GPT-4 with an extensive search index to provide up-to-date and conversational search results.

Can I use Bing AI on my phone?

Yes, you can use Bing AI on your phone by installing the Bing mobile app, which has seen a significant increase in daily installs since the introduction of Bing AI.

Is Bing AI better than ChatGPT?

While both Bing AI and ChatGPT offer AI-powered solutions, they serve different purposes. Bing AI focuses on enhancing search results and user experiences, while ChatGPT is an AI-powered assistant designed for various tasks like drafting emails, answering questions, and more. It's essential to choose the right tool based on your needs.

Is Bing GPT free?

Bing AI, which incorporates GPT-like technology, is free to use. However, specific features or services integrated within Bing AI (like third-party plug-ins) might have their own pricing or subscription models.

Can Bing AI write code?

Bing AI is primarily designed to enhance web search experiences, but it might be able to provide basic code snippets or help with simple coding queries.

Is chatbot on Bing now?

Yes, the new Bing update includes a chatbot feature that allows users to engage in conversations, ask questions, and get summarized answers quickly and easily.

What is the best AI search engine?

While there are several AI-powered search engines available, the best one for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Bing AI, with its latest updates and features, is a strong contender for providing a comprehensive and user-friendly search experience.

Why is Bing replacing Google?

Bing isn't necessarily replacing Google but is offering an alternative search engine with AI-powered features. Users can choose the search engine that best fits their needs and preferences.

How many people still use Bing?

With the introduction of Bing AI, the search engine has experienced significant growth, boasting over 100 million daily active users and four times the daily installs of the Bing mobile app since its launch.

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